Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seek the Lord while He may be found

Back in August of 2005, after hearing a sermon by Robert Martin of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church in SeaTac the Lord's Day before the AOMin apologetics cruise, I remember remarking to a fellow cruiser that I was uncomfortable hearing a Reformed pastor preaching such an "Arminian sounding" sermon.

I was trying to remember the sermon text, and I wanted to listen to it again because of my recent consideration of God's declarations of the Gospel as being freely offered and well-meant. Well, today I looked and, lo and behold, it has since been uploaded to their website! The text was Isaiah 55, one I have heard referenced quite a bit recently (this last Lord's Day was one, actually). And far from being "Arminian," it is a wonderful sermon that upholds the true Gospel and the nature of true repentance and faith! Enjoy (and share it with any unconverted friends who are around...)!

An Urgent Call to Seek the Lord


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