Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Power of the Gospel

Ok, first blog post on my new blog...

Great message on the power of the Gospel preached tonight by one of my pastors! Very, very encouraging indeed...

I was struck by the truth that, as important as it is for the whole counsel of God to be preached, the Gospel is central, and we must never lose sight of it. Whenever we speak God's truth to the unconverted, other issues may be the starting point, but we should strive to get to the Gospel as soon as possible, since that is this world's greatest need! How sweet and comforting it is to meditate upon the fact that I am saved not by doing the works of the Law but by Christ's perfect obedience to the Law on my behalf and His shed blood on the cross to cover all my sins!!!

The Power of the Gospel- John Grevious


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