Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Treason of Lost Love- Christ's Letter to the Church at Ephesus

Of All the Million Precious Truths

Of all the million precious truths
That You reveal to men,
Your Gospel does exceed them all-
Their center and their end.

It tells of Christ the spotless Lamb
From earth’s foundation slain
And points to Christ the risen Lord,
Who shall forever reign!

In spite of all our wretched sin
That spits in mercy’s face,
We marvel how a holy God
Would show to us such grace!

That we who are unworthy dust
Should know Your Gospel’s worth
And sinners who deserve to die
Should undergo new birth!

What greater hope could He us give?
What freer offer made?
For all who call upon the Lord,
These surely shall be saved!

And, Lord, by Your free grace alone,
My sins dark though they be,
When Jesus died upon the cross,
I know He died for me!

I am that son who wandered far
In self-sufficient ways.
I am that sheep the Shepherd found,
And now His name I praise!

Your Gospel gives me daily strength
And guides me on my course,
The truths that first led me to Christ
Its ending and its force.

Should I the Gospel set aside
Or find no longer sweet,
These lungs of mine forget to breathe,
This heart refuse to beat!

- Marie Peterson, ©2009